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Recent fuzz about the tracker

By taklamakan | March 4, 2011

There is some fuzz about our tracker in the recent days. Some people claim that the Chaos Computer Club started a tracker which, in their terms, is the successor of

And they all got it so wrong.

First of all, the Chaos Computer Club is running their own BitTorrent trackers for a really long time. Sometimes they call it, sometimes They use them to distribute their congress recordings, the recordings of their Radioshows or Podcasts and maybe even for some Open Source stuff. Why they created to many? Because its so easy with opentracker!

Now they created another one which is called and somehow someone jumped to conclusion that this is the real deal and the official successor of! Well its not.

Second of all, started as our tracker to develop the opentracker software, it wasn’t intended to become one of the largest trackers in the world. But it did and both the tracker and the software became a huge success, also because we could test the software with a huge amount of hashes and peers!

Some people got in really bad trouble for that, even if they didn’t have to do anything with this.

Partly because of that, but also because we don’t have the resources and time to operate one of the largest trackers in the world anymore, is dead.

If you liked denis.stalker and want it back, feel free to register your own domain and/or create a denis.stalker.your.domain record in your domain and point it to!

Nevertheless, we like the fact that the CCC is using opentracker as their tracker software of choice and if you have any CC-licenced or open source stuff, feel free to use their tracker!

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2 Responses to “Recent fuzz about the tracker”

  1. Hi! Says:
    March 5th, 2011 at 2:32 pm

    Why don’t you run that tracker & let users provide support/resource for that.

  2. taklamakan Says:
    March 5th, 2011 at 3:48 pm

    Running a bittorrent tracker needs only two, maybe three, resources. A domain with a hostname, a machine with enough bandwidth and someone taking care of the abuse-handling.

    We have none of the above anymore.

    If someone has, feel free to go ahead!