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Opening Ceremony

By taklamakan | January 21, 2007

Hi and welcome to this blog about our open bittorrent tracker at

Why we say its an open bittorrent tracker? Because it is, everyone can announce a torrent via without registration.

We don’t know what data is shared by using our tracker, we don’t want to know and we certainly don’t care. But because of the copyright laws in some countries, mostly they call themself liberal democracies, we have to say that content you don’t own shouldn’t be shared by using our tracker and we have to react and delete and block the torrent if the copyright owner contacts us.

To quote from our About & Abuse site:

We believe: BitTorrent trackers are like Internet Exchanges, a place were data is freely exchanged between peers in a neutral way.

We don’t know what data is exchanged, we only know hashes of data and are not responsible for what data is hashed, only peers are. We also don’t provide torrent files for download. We don’t log peers, so asking us to give out peer addresses is useless because we don’t know and we are forbidden by german law (§ 6 Abs. 1 TDDSG) to log such data.

If you think data of yours is shared by hashes we manage on this tracker and shouldn’t, please feel free to contact our abuse address with some kind of proof that the hash represents data you legally own.

abuse contact: abuse (at)

In this blog we will try to write about our work with the bittorrent tracker and the problems we face and the solutions we find while running it.

We currently serve about 10000 torrents constantly growing. The tracker serves about 300req/sec.

yearly tracker requests

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