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new hardware is in service

By supergrobi | October 21, 2007

we had a rough ride the last days. the new hardware had not enough power to serve all requests (sometimes more than 3000 conn/sec). thats a quarter billion requests per day!

so we (ok, I!) decided to buy a new server with an intel NIC we know can handle the packetstorm. I made the error to only buy one with only 1GB ram, but we will put another gig in soon.

in the meantime we are optimizing like hell to save mem and make the tracker software even faster and also more relaxed in answering wrong requests like ‘announc?…’, ‘anounce?…’, “scrape++++?…’ and announce ?…’.

for the record our correct announce url is:

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One Response to “new hardware is in service”

  1. Ilovemycomputer Says:
    October 13th, 2010 at 11:12 pm

    supergrobi you can suck a fucking cock. has been found in multiple retaliations by mediadefender to Thepiratebay users. is the tracker that was used, to warn these users, to stop uploading South park seasons given out by McTav. (How could mctav have known anyway?… Or did he know)
    Go to hell, you and the rest of the crappy MediaDefender supporters.