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Problems with Peerguardian

By taklamakan | July 19, 2007

An anonymous tip directed our attention to this posting in the Phoenix Labs forum, the guys responsible for providing filesharers with the Peerguardian tool. It appears that the peerguardian block-list includes our tracker IP-address because they think we are part of the Chaos Computer Club (CCC) and therefore hackers (Yeah, thanks for the flowers!) or malware and virus distributors (WTF?).

We don’t understand how the connection between us and the Chaos Computer Club appeared but we don’t deny that some of us have connections to the CCC but the tracker is run by us, not the CCC. It is hosted on a server of a friend of us who is not even a member of the CCC as far as we know and just happens to have enough resources for our little project.
We thought about funding the hosting with the help of the CCC but that didn’t work out for other reasons.

Even if the tracker would be run by the CCC, people should be happy about that! If you would name organizations in Europe in favour of filesharing, freedom of information and bittorrent beside Piratbyrån in sweden (the guys who started, the CCC would be one of them!

We have no idea how the people responsible for Peerguardian get the idea that we work together with MediaDefender or any other anti-piracy company, we certainly do not!
Why should we, we don’t like people earning money with law-suits against filesharer. But then this information is a year old if we understand this posting correct. We changed our tracker-software in the meantime and even try to take countermeasures against faker, so maybe they should re-check about fakes and stuff.

But this is an open tracker, so everybody can use it. The sites who are serving the fake torrents should delete them, we are only providing the trackerservice (for free) without any interaction with the enduser or knowledge of the content of the torrent!
We serve about 170.000 torrents, have 1,5 million users and about 180 million completed downloads in the last 1000 hours, all of them fake? We don’t think so. Some of them fake? Probably. Such is life!

But if the people of peerguardian have a problem with our tracker, they should feel free to contact us, we don’t bite (most of the time)! ;-)

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3 Responses to “Problems with Peerguardian”

  1. fakhir Says:
    September 18th, 2007 at 2:16 pm

    how about you get your facts straight before making accusations. PhoenixLabs (PeerGuardian publishers) don’t publish or have any control over what is or is not included in the IP lists.

    The IP lists are the work of Bluetack. Phoenixlabs uses the bluetack lists because their judgment and experience as far as IP research.

    If you disagree with included IPs then that is your call but at least address your problem to the correct people.

    “tracker IP-address because they think we are part of the Chaos Computer Club”
    it would also be great if you stop misrepresenting the reasons that were explained to you for why your IPs are included by bluetack

    Fakhir (Phoenixlabs staff member)

  2. saywhy Says:
    September 23rd, 2007 at 11:32 am

    Fukkk Denis Stalker and the Goverment he works for…….First Amend right freedom of Speech All of your torrents are tracked for what? And this site is worthless, to me it sounds as if it is a cover up front for Big Brother Is Watching, for as you can see you state false info to try and discredit other companies, and if I see a denis Stalker torrent well then I don’t download it, why because to me…Your name sets off a bell “Stalker” “OpenTracker” Two terms for watching

  3. Solar Says:
    May 21st, 2008 at 2:40 am

    saywhy, I think you have no idea about this project, and you misunderstand. It’s run for informational freedom and to help bittorrent, as you might know they helped to improve thepiratebay’s tracker, and they definately don’t try to observe you.