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Tools for Television PRO

By taklamakan | July 19, 2007

The guys from Pixel Post Studios contacted us to inform us that their software Tools for Television PRO is tracked by our tracker and that they pretty much would like that we stop distributing their software. As we are only an open bittorrent tracker and are not in the possession (illegal or not) of the software in question, therefore are unable to distribute or stop distributing it, we are not really in the position to help them.

But we took the liberty to take a look on their website to see what this software is all about and really wonder why people distribute this software via bittorrent without buying it.
People, if you really work in this niche television field and if you use this software to earn your money, why not pay $179 or even only $99 (its on sale right now!)? For the package of features and tools you get, thats a fair price we guess! If you are a student, get the $30 discount or better ask your university to buy this software, we are sure the sales people at Pixel Post Studios would be happy to sell a campus licence (Arizona
State University is already a customer of them). If you are uncertain if this software really is for you, get the time limited trial version!

So the price is fair (with on-sale going on even more), student discount is available, you can get a time and not feature limited trial version, the company is small (so we are sure you will get eventual bugs fixed in time) and they even put up Tutorial Videos for the software! Why not buy it?

Really, the only drawback we see is the platform-specific registration keys, the people at Pixel Post Studios should think about that again (if you need to buy it again if you change to a different platform).

PS: No, we don’t get money or anything else from them ;-)

Update: They informed us that they provide

free key changes to people who switch platforms.


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2 Responses to “Tools for Television PRO”

  1. Bedfort Says:
    July 30th, 2007 at 1:55 pm

    I’m just curious:

    If they (Pixel Post Studios) would have provided the unique (ruling out any collisions) hash of the torrent, couldn’t you have droped all request for exactly that torrent/hash? Hence you would have stopped tracking of the torrent (leaving aside the possibility that the torrent uses other trackers or DHT, too).

  2. Dunnsearch Says:
    September 14th, 2009 at 9:58 pm

    You cannot Block an info_hash currently unless you have a private tracker but this is public. Sorry bro